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Metro Medical CU will stop sending NSF (nonsufficient funds) and Courtesy Pay notices by mail after May 1, 2012. Details of items paid or returned and Courtesy Pay are included on monthly account statements.

Why is MMCU discontinuing the mailing of these notices?
We can now provide better information and notices to members, faster and more cost effective using our Online Virtual Branch. Our online virtual branch allows you to view and manage your accounts to prevent overdraft items and fees. Within our online virtual branch, you can set up account alerts to notify you when your balance becomes negative. Call us and we can help you set this up. Our MARTIN Audio Response System is also available to check balances and cleared checks. To access MARTIN, call 1-800-543-1031.

Aren’t you required to mail NSF and Courtesy Pay notices?
No, there are no regulatory requirements for credit unions to mail NSF and Courtesy Pay notices. The only regulatory requirements are for information about NSF items – whether paid or returned – to be included in your monthly statements. Online virtual branch and MARTIN allows us to provide you this information efficiently.

How will this change affect my transactions and available balance?
Member transactions and available balances will not be effected at all. The only change is that we will not send a notice by mail each time an NSF or Courtesy Pay item is paid or returned. All transactions and transaction details will continue to be listed on your monthly account statement and can be reviewed using MMCU’s Virtual Branch.

How do I set up account alerts?
Click here for step by step instructions on setting up account alerts.

Please call us at 214-630-0611 if you have further questions.